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Video Services

Make your next event a plus with the SoundtraX Express, Plus Package.  With our Video Plus Package, we will make your special day a memorable one.  SoundtraX Express offers the finest video production, which we believe, exceeds the level that our competitors may offer.  You can choose either live video production, the dictation DVD after your event or both.

Live Video Production

With the live video production we set up the live camera feeds and interlace this with the most popular music DVD’s.  This is all displayed on the projection screen; which is usually located just off the dance floor for all to see.  Everything you and your audience can see what is recorded with the option to receive all of the raw footage or edited to your events finished DVD.  

Dictation DVD

This package is whatever you want it to be.  Whatever you want filmed, we will film it for you.  With the Dictation DVD, you are in control.  This option gives you the ability to have anything captured on video.  This package can range from having a camera man follow you around on your important day or we can just capture the event.  When your event is finished, we take the video footage to our state of the art production studio and edit your memories into a wonderful DVD or VHS package.   

DVD Editing   

With our state of the art post-production studio, you can have your DVD designed with menu buttons, just as you would see on your favorite Hollywood movie.  You can decide which scenes you want included or you can allow us to do the work for you.   

Raw Footage 

The raw footage is the video collected throughout your day.  This information is used to make a finished edited product on DVD or VHS for you, and is available for you to have when we are finished making backup copies.

 Plus Package Summary 

SoundtraX Express puts has the experience.  The Manager of our Video Production Department has a Broadcasting degree and a current portfolio that includes major bands in the Twin Cities.  Our work is available for viewing at our office and meetings are offered accordingly. 

The Plus Package includes, but not limited to the following:

• We can use up to 3 Sony PD-150 television style cameras.

• Video mixed Music DVD’s with the live video feed.

• Hi-Tech Projector and Screen Display for the audience.

• Video Mixer, used for live productions.

• Computer technology for sound and video.

• Edited DVD with menu options according to your information.

• Self contained sound and video set-up.   

The SoundtraX Express Plus Package, please chose this package early to allow us time to properly plan for the best production of this high tech process.