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Service Mark

A Service Mark, or otherwise seen as (sm), is identical to a Trademark, or (tm).  The Service Mark owned by SoundtraX Express, LLC is through the State of Minnesota and is based solely on the name SoundtraX Express, LLC and all the works covered herein, See Attachment A.

SoundtraX Express, LLC takes our identity and our works very seriously and have every intention of protecting said information, within the confines of the law.

SoundtraX Express, LLC will prosecute anyone who uses our works and/or name to the fullest extent allowed by law in the State of Minnesota, and Federally, if applicable.

Attachment A

The works of SoundtraX Express, LLC also include The American Country Radio Network and/or the syndicated radio broadcast of "The Evening Zoo in the Country."

The Syndicated Broadcast of "The Evening Zoo in the Country," shall be known hereafter as TEZC and The American Country Radio Network as ACRN.

The Service Mark for SoundtraX Express, LLC is only state owned at this time.  TEZC & ACRN is protected under the auspices of SoundtraX Express, LLC which include but not limited to radio dialogue, radio bit, radio show features, etc . . .

# # #

# # # Signifies End

TEZC Signifies The Evening Zoo in the Country

ACRN Signifies American Country Radio Network