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Disc Jockey Services


Our Disc Jockey Service is the core of our business and the key to your total entertainment package.  Professional Disc Jockey’s, a wide music selection and top-line equipment assure you the most successful event.


With hundreds of hours of live dance-mixing experience, each of our DJs will keep your guests on their feet and clapping to the beat.  Our friendly, banter encourages audience involvement and welcomes your guests’ participation accordingly.  We are totally professional, wholesome and sober throughout your event.


All of our music is on Compact Disc for pure sound and snappy transitions. The selection available ranges from 40s swing and big band to 50s rock and blues through the pop sounds of your childhood to contemporary hits and the hottest dance remixes of today.  If you request your special song in advance and we don’t have it, we’ll make every effort to get it.  Our entire catalog is available online, so you and your guests may pre-select songs which must be played.  (You may even designate that specific songs NOT be played.)  All music selections may be agreed upon before your event or you can leave it up to the expertise of your Disc Jockey.


Compact Disc’s and professional soundboards provide the smoothest transitions and optimal sound quality.  Our systems include makers such as Peavey, Numark, SoundTech, AB International, and Crown, just to mention a few.  Our systems are totally backed up on-site so that, in the rare case of a breakdown, there is little or no interruption of your enjoyment.


Your successful event is our primary goal.  Flexible music selection, professional Disc Jockey etiquette, high tech sound and light systems are all employed to make you look brilliant for selecting Soundtrax Express.  Contact us today to reserve your special day.